Getting there

Getting there: there are a lot of ways to come to Bratislava.
Bratislava has a very nice small airport (BTS) located very near to the city with direct public transportation connection to the city center. If you find that there are no flights from your location to Bratislava the other option is to fly to Vienna (VIE) which is approximately 60km away from Bratislava. From Vienna you can take a bus from 1€ (Slovak Lines) or from 5€ (Flixbus) which takes you very near to the city center to the main bus station.
Wherever you arrive (main train station or bus station or airport) we highly recommend to avoid taking taxi from the street. If you don't speak the local language they will charge you up to 500% of the real price so really don't do it. You can use an app called HopIN (available for Android and iOS/Apple). Unfortunately this app is in Slovakian, but really easy to use. No credit card information needs to be entered, only name (first name is enough) and then if your GPS is on it will show you where you are and then you only need to enter the address you want to go.
Unfortunately there is no Uber in Slovakia.