Getting there

How to get there by...

...public transport

If you wish to travel by public transport, remember that the hotel is in Zone 2 (Strefa 2 in Polish), so you will need a "Zone 1+2" ticket for 7 zł. After getting on a tram or a bus, you need to valid the ticket by putting it inside one of the small, yellow machines located near doors. The ticket is valid for 90 min since the moment of validation. If you plan to move around a lot, a 24 h ticket for "Zone 1+2" for 26 zł or a 3-day (72 h) ticket for "Zone 1+2" for 57 zł is a good idea. You need to validate each of them, too, once you get on a bus or a tram for the first time. Children under 7 years old travel for free, children of 7-16 years old travel for 50%, if they have a valid European student ID card.

To reach the hotel, you'll ultimately need the bus line 706 from the bus loop P+R al. Krakowska. The bus stop located next to the hotel is called Falenty-Osiedle. This bus goes 2-3 x hour during a working day and 1x hour on weekends and holidays. To get to the bus loop P+R al. Krakowska you can take for example one the trams - 7 or 9. There is also a night bus line N88 going 1x hour directly from the Warsaw Central Station (Dworzec Centralny).

Warsaw is served by two airports. From the main one, which is the Chopin Airport, also known as Okęcie, (WAW) there are flights to most major cities in Europe. From there one can get to the city centre by public transport (bus line 175), by train (SKM and Koleje Mazowieckie) or by taxi. The budget airlines fly to Modlin (WMI) that has a bus, a train (SKM and Koleje Mazowieckie), a taxi connection to the city center. Modlin is a city located around 40 km to the north from Warsaw.

The train from Berlin takes about 5.5 h. Otherwise the trains are relatively slow. For more information see the time table.
It's most convenient to go to Dworzec Centralny (Warsaw Central Station) and take the tram 7 or 9 towards P+R al. Krakowska. On and around Dworzec Centralny you'll find cafes, restaurants, money exchange and so on. For taking a taxi, Dworzec Zachodni is slightly closer to Falenty. Choose only registered taxis like Glob Cab Taxi, Wawa Taxi, Ele Taxi or Uber!
If you are coming from the west, there is a highway A2 all the way from the border. The fee for using it is currently 85 zł.

The long-distance buses are quite cheap and on some routes don’t take more time than the train. Trips from and to destinations abroad are offered for example by PolskiBus or LuxExpress.


How to get around by...

...public transport
You can find all information on the ZTM website. The tickets are generally bought in shops (for example most of the newspaper stands sell them) or in machines located at main bus and tram stops, in almost all trams and in some buses. Drivers don't sell tickets! There are also some smartphone apps that allow you to buy tickets, yet they require setting up a prepaid account.
Driving in Warsaw is like driving in any other big city, but many people leave around the New Year’s Eve, which makes it more relaxed :) In the city centre there are charges for parking. The tickets can be purchased in the machines. You’ll need coins. No special permit for driving in city centre is needed.
The maximal price for kilometer is set by the city council and is 3 zł during weekdays and 4.5 zł at night and on weekends and holidays, the maximal entrance fee is 8 zł. Choose only registered taxis like Globe Cab Taxi, Wawa Taxi or Ele Taxi! In practice the taxis compete among each other, so the actual prices are usually lower. The price should be printed on a sticker on the taxi window. You can also use Uber, which usually ends up being cheaper than taxis.