About us

The OrgaTeam is a Swedish organizing team planning Silvensa in Sundsvall for You, composed of:

  • Per Thorneus - head of the OrgaTeam,
  • Stefan Pettersson,
  • Erland Solander,
  • Leif Kjellin,
  • Henrik Muskos,
  • Sofie Pettersson,
  • Bengt-Göran Persson,
  • Håkan Edlund,
  • Anders Nylund,
  • Birgitta Petersson.


You can contact us by e-mail: 2020@silvensa.org

Apart from the OrgaTeam we also have the Silvensa-Panel - Anna Koszała, Anna Dorota Stępień, Franz Urban, Hana Vobrubová-Dojčanová, Vanessa Sauvade and Peter Oehlke are taking care of the concept behind Silvensa, including choosing current and potential future hosts.